Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints Prevention Team Describes Their Important Role

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints prevention team knows that if you have worked in a hotel or resort for any period of time, you have probably had to deal with a complaint from a guest at some point. While the way you handled the complaint is very important and plays a large role in how the guest feels about their stay when they leave, it is only one part of how a resort needs to handle customer complaints.

Instead of taking care of something after a guest complains, it might be better if you take care of a complaint before it happens. The way that the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaint prevention department does this is by training their employees to look for potential problems before they occur.

  • Make sure the employees know who to contact if they see something that could be a problem for a guest. If the employee notices that there is a ripped carpet that could cause someone to trip, do they know who to call to get it fixed. All employees should be taught the structure of the hotel and who is responsible for what.
  • Teach the employees not to ignore the guests. It does not matter if the employee is in housekeeping; they need to acknowledge all of the guests that they see. If the staff seems more approachable, the guest will feel more comfortable telling them if something is not perfect. It may still be a complaint, but the guest will look at it as just helping the hotel out.
  • Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints prevention team also recommends looking for unhappy guests. The staff should look for a guest that is not happy. It may require a simple fix and could prevent a major complaint later.
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